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Dental Bonding and Contouring (Tooth Reshaping) – Grand Prairie, TX

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About Dental Bonds and Contour

For a few cosmetic imperfections, like stained teeth with breaks, dental bonding and contouring at Lakeview Dental Care in Grand Prairie, TX can provide a more smooth and gorgeous smile. Dental bonding is one of the most effective cosmetic dental treatments at Lakeview Dental Care by our dentists that incorporates a liquid resin to hide decay and imperfections. The bonding material is colored to match the real teeth so it is almost entirely invisible. This type of cosmetic dentistry can also be used to make the teeth look longer. This cosmetic enhancement closes together small spaces between the teeth, and polishes the edges for an even, natural appearance producing a high-quality smile.

What to Expect

Dental contouring and bonding is performed in Lakeview Dental Care's dental practice and is typically pain-free so it does not require numbing or sedation. To make the tooth and get it ready for proper bonding, our dentists will etch the top layer of the tooth and put on a conditioning gel. Before it is applied, the resin is prepared to match the patient's natural tooth whiteness and then slowly painted onto the enamel. A special light is aimed at the teeth to harden and set the resin until the resin completely covers the treated area. After this process, our dentists will buff and smooth the surface of the tooth to double check the bonded teeth are level. The natural teeth can also be polished with buffing instruments to take away sharp edges.

Treatment Aftercare

Clients at Lakeview Dental Care may find that their finished bonded and contoured teeth feel foreign at first, but patients gradually get used to how they look and feel. To take care of dental bonding, our patients should make yearly dental check-ups with our dentists. Proceeding your bonding treatment, patients will be asked to avoid dark liquids and staining foods, as well as tobacco products and grinding their teeth to avoid wear. With a proactive dental care approach, bonding and contouring can last about 10 years before another bonding and contouring treatment is needed.

Insurance Coverage

Aesthetic dental bonding may be recommended to fix a fragmented and unsightly tooth. But because this is a procedure that is considered an aesthetic enhancement, dental benefits may or may not cover the fees. If this treatment is in fact needed to fix the teeth, dental coverage may cover some of the cost. Our insurance managers at Lakeview Dental Care will call each patient's claims department to confirm the liability for payment. If the expenses are higher than what the patient can afford, our dentists at Lakeview Dental Care can assist by offering affordable billing options.

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For gorgeous, smooth teeth, dental bonding at Lakeview Dental Care in Grand Prairie, TX can provide fantastic results in just 1 or 2 office appointments. This dental technique corrects unsightly and decayed teeth for lasting results. A preferred dental option for our clients, dental bonding and contouring by our dentists can offer you the beautiful smile you didn't think was possible. Talk to Lakeview Dental Care today and discover what dental bonding can do for you.

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